Do You Need a Health Coach?

Owen's wife Emily provides health coaching to Triangle Body Therapy clients.

Many people struggle with changing old habits. Health Coaching will support you in making healthy changes to reach your goals.

You’ve likely heard that movement and exercise are an important part of managing your pain. But do you know that your food choices also affect your pain?

For example, some foods cause inflammation, while other foods reduce inflammation. Similarly, some foods actually damage your fascia. A healthy diet nourishes your fascia and slows the aging process in addition to promoting a healthy weight.

These are just a few of the aspects of health that we will examine and optimize as we work together. As your health coach, Emily will work with you in an individualized program to help you return to a pain-free, active lifestyle.

A Fresh Approach to Health

Many people come to Triangle Body Therapy having tried many other approaches in search of a solution for pain resolution and optimal health. Just as most other approaches have been slow to recognize the integral role fascia play in one’s health, so too has the contribution nutrition plays been misunderstood and underestimated. Health is about looking and feeling your best from the inside out!

I had been experiencing significant pain and fatigue for months that was severely limiting my quality of life. My primary care doctor referred me to Owen Dodge for MFR. I was amazed at how much better I felt after just one session with his amazing hands! He suggested I consider joining his wife Emily’s cleanse when I commented that I just wanted to get back to my Old Self. I’d never done anything like this before but figured I’d give it a try. After just a few days it finally dawned on me how much better I felt – more energy, no afternoon energy lulls at work, and amazingly happy! Scary, huh? I’ve always considered myself a pretty healthy eater with a Mediterranean style diet, but just a few tweaks and additions to this diet has made all the difference for me! Both Emily and Owen have helped me return to my Old Self, old still but now full of energy and optimism!
— Leslie Z.
I have never participated in a cleanse before mostly due to the fact I didn’t want to give up coffee. Right there tells me maybe I should. My osteoarthritis was continuing to worsen and I felt my limitations were controlling my life. I decided to enroll in the cleanse even though I thought I was pretty knowledgable about food and felt I was a foodie from way back. To my surprise I learned a lot. I never was hungry and found good replacements for the caffeine ritual.I knew the carbohydrates in my diet were causing sugar level swings but never realized that the coffee did too. I feel much better and for the first time my osteoarthritis feels under control. I am not as stiff and painful in the mornings. My morning energy and moods are more balanced and have energy through out the day. Thank you Emily for this opportunity to get back on track!
— Denise Vanderwoude

No one diet works for everyone. And that is why Emily will guide you to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. She will also help you to make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

Could one conversation change your life? 

Email Emily to schedule a complimentary Turn Back the Clock Strategy Session and learn how your pain and overall health will improve with health coaching.