Frequently Asked Questions

When are sessions available?
Sessions are scheduled Monday- Friday. You can schedule online here.

What does it cost?
Please see our rates.

Where is Triangle Body Therapy located?
We are at a convenient Chapel Hill location in Southern Village.  Please see our Contact page for more information.

How is Myofascial Release different from massage therapy?
In short, it is significantly more effective at making permanent changes. Read more about the difference here.

Does insurance cover this work?
In most cases, no. Please see our rates page for more information.

What do I wear?
Owen prefers to do a standing postural evaluation prior to working with you. The purpose for this is to get a sense of how gravity affects the vertical alignment of your structure. It is most helpful for this evaluation to be done with you dressed in your underwear. Loose fitting athletic shorts and a sports bra or a two piece bathing suit (as made appropriate by gender, obviously) are also OK. If imagining this makes you feel anxious, please know this feeling is more common than you might expect. Owen is very sensitive to body image issues most people have. Assessments are in no way used to judge or criticize.This evaluation gives an important layer of information, which helps tremendously to inform treatment strategies. If, however, being evaluated in this fashion is for any reason problematic for you, it is not obligatory.

How does treatment take place?
Sometimes  hands-on work will begin with you in a seated position. The majority of your session will be spent lying down on a comfortable treatment table in a quiet, clean, professional office environment. 

How often do I need to be treated?
Results of treatment vary with each individual, but generally goals are reached with four to twelve weeks of treatment one to two times each week. Chronic and more severe conditions will require greater frequency and increased length of treatment. While permanent changes do occur with each treatment, your fascial restrictions never completely release all at once. Resolving their influence is a cumulative process that happens over time. 

Is each session the same?
No, each session is unique and tailored to your particular needs.


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