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Chronic low back pain motivated me to go see Owen Dodge at Triangle Body Therapy for Myofascial Release. Other things helped my pain temporarily, but the pain completely went away after my first appointment with Owen. Six months later, my back still feels great! Owen is professional, knowledgeable and made me feel very at ease. He is also very helpful with exercise advice and stretching techniques that I can do at home. I highly recommend him to anyone. Even if you are not in chronic pain Myofascial release is something everyone should experience at Triangle Body Therapy.
— Katherine Bryant
Seventeen years ago an automobile acident caused severe soft tissue injuries to my neck and jaw. After two years doctors and therapists advised me to expect no further progress; I resigned myself to living with chronic TMJ pain.

When we moved to Chapel Hill ten years ago, I discovered Owen Dodge. He works from the conviction that change and growth are possible for everyone. Owen has enlisted me as an active participant in my own healing—resulting in dramatic reduction of my chronic TMJ pain.‎
— Janet Edwards
Owen’s Myofascial Release treatment helped resolve my recurrent shoulder and neck problems. His work also helped me become aware of and deal with some emotional issues that I hadn’t even been aware of. He has a gift!
— Mike Stanley
I sought Owen Dodge’s help for my back and TMJ pain. Over the course of three Myofascial Release sessions, Owen helped me to understand what was causing my symptoms and how I could work with my body on my own to alleviate them. To date, six years later, neither the back nor the TMJ pain has returned. I highly recommend Owen to anyone.‎
— Ginny Lewis

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I have had some remarkable - somewhat miraculous - positive changes in my knee, shoulder and jaw since my first Myofascial Release treatment. As a skeptical scientist-type, I have been waiting to see if they are “real” or placebo. They are real!
— Linda Beeber
Hi Owen. A quick message to tell you that I feel the best this evening that I have in a long time. Your hard work and calm presence have worked wonders. The good that you have done is incredible. Thank you for being there.
— Molly Summerlin
I first started going to Owen for massage. I prefer a deep massage, which he seems especially adept at. My lower back always needed more attention, so Owen started talking to me about Myofascial Release. After working with this technique I found I was having less discomfort in my back. Owen also gives great recommendations for stretches that are beneficial for my particular needs. Seeing Owen regularly and using the stretches keeps me in better shape physically and mentally.
— C. Kay Briggs
I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 1990. I had a mastectomy, removal of 19 lymph nodes, chemotherapy and radiation. For 19 years, I had limited left arm mobility and chronic neck and shoulder pain. My bodywork with Owen has made an incredible difference in my well-being. I now have much greater arm mobility and decreased to no pain.
— Debbie Coffee
The work that Owen has done with me has been phenomenal! It has given me an avenue to experience “self” from an entirely different perspective. I have been comfortable with, and made reference to, mind/body connections in my professional practice. I have found a deeper understanding of that connection through my work with Owen. Learning more about my body through concentrated awareness to specific points has released muscle tension and soreness, but also allowed insight to emotional work at a much deeper and, thus, profoundly life altering way.
— William Holloman
There are massage therapists and then there is Owen.

Owen is well-trained and his unique myofascial approach helps my patients reach their therapeutic goals more quickly. In fact, this realization profoundly shifted the treatment paradigm I use in my own practice.

In addition to referring out my own patients, I sought Owen’s treatment for hip pain that had sidelined my training for a marathon. After just one treatment, I was able to resume long runs and ultimately finished my marathon.
— Rob Schneider
I drive 150 miles for Owen’s unique bodywork. His Myofascial Release work has affected me dramatically. This work offers me more promise than any of the ten medical doctors who have treated my pain-ridden body.
— S.C.
The work Owen did with me released a flood of realizations about my life. I feel that I have experienced my body in a new way as a result of his work. I value this knowledge and know that I could not come by it any other way.
— Robin Sheedy
A haiku inspired by Myofascial Release treatment with Owen:

steady slow sustained

pressure pushing past the pain

releasing relief
— Steffi Rubin
Owen’s work is both gentle and deep, and even more importantly, illuminating. As a therapist myself, I am always on the lookout for techniques that work, and for bodyworkers who are committed to their craft. I leave my sessions with Owen not only feeling better, but having learned something about myself as well. That is a rare gift.
— Mark K.
A Duke physician referred me to Owen for relief of neck pain and accompanying headaches. It was immediately clear that Owen is an extraordinarily gifted bodyworker. After working with Owen, I rarely experience headaches and continue to rely on his sensitive and compassionate care for periodic tune-ups.
— Carol Krucoff