MFR Helps Scar Tissue Pain and Tightness

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Surgery Injures Fascia

Even when surgery is the necessary protocol, it injures the myofascial system. Once the fascia is cut or torn, it heals with scar tissue. Scar tissue is a very hard, dense substance designed to hold our injured body together and for the most part it does a good job at this.

However, scar tissue can also pull on other areas, compress nerves, bood vessels and organs and restrict physical movement and physiological functioning. This then develops into pain or dysfunction.

Because fascia permeates all regions of the body and is all interconnected, when it scars and hardens in one area, it can put tension on adjacent pain-sensitive structures as well as on structures in far-away areas. This tension is serious stuff!

In fact, it is estimated that fascia has a tensile strength of as much as 2000 pounds per square inch. (No wonder when it tightens, it can cause pain.)

Some people feel pain close to the injured area. Others describe feeling bizarre pain symptoms that appear to be unrelated to the original or primary complaint. These bizarre symptoms can be understood in relationship to our understanding of the ever-penetrating fascial system.

Treating Scar Tissue

I use specific hands-on techniques for scar release and to treat internal adhesions. These are extremely gentle and involve releasing the fascia where appropriate. A more or less intense prickling may be felt where scar tissue is releasing. There is often a significant difference in the feeling around the scarring after just a few MFR treatments.

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Clients Rave About Owen’s Scar Tissue Work!

Owen manages my chronic pain with his unique and excellent skills in detecting and releasing areas where, through scarring or overuse, my body’s first preference is not to move.

As a bonus, his efforts give me much improved balance and strength for pursuing my ballroom dancing. I am thrilled with the results of his further training as a myofascial release therapist, and give him an unqualified recommendation for his professionalism and abilities.

Jan Yarborough

I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 1990. I had a mastectomy, removal of 19 lymph nodes, chemotherapy and radiation. For 19 years, I had limited left arm mobility and chronic neck and shoulder pain. My bodywork with Owen has made an incredible difference in my well-being. I now have much greater arm mobility and decreased to no pain.

Debbie Coffee

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