Meet Owen Dodge

Triangle Body Therapy founder Owen Dodge is a Myofascial Release therapist living and working in beautiful, woodsy Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In 1996, Owen graduated cum laude in environmental sciences from Hobart College. After joyously leaving the ivory tower, Owen learned first hand about inflammation, pain and physical limitations through back-breaking work on a 100 acre vegetable farm in South Central PA. This helped redirect Owen's initial trajectory towards a career in health care. Living an active lifestyle has always been a vital part of Owen's experience...gardening, hiking, biking, swimming, yoga. He's passionate about helping his clients enjoy active lifestyles as well. 

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Owen has always had a penchant toward finding the piece that doesn’t work in a system and trying to make it better. He's fixated on the squeaky wheel. Serious injuries from playing ice hockey as a kid give Owen a personal laboratory in which to explore and fine-tune effective solutions for his own physical freedom and comfort.

Since 1997, he has studied and practiced soft tissue manipulation and human movement – yoga, massage therapy, Trager, Myofascial Release, Yamuna Body Rolling.  It’s a passion. Helping people heal their pain and trauma and return to pain-free, active lifestyles is Owen's mission.  

There is not one single solution for everyone’s success. That’s why Owen's work is unique and effective. He’s highly trained, deeply experienced and very intuitive, making him well prepared to treat your pain. He knows that all too often people bounce from doctor to doctor or therapist to therapist seeking relief. They usually get band-aid approaches and protocols that may mask the pain but don’t heal it. The pain always comes back. The squeaky wheel squeaks.  Owen is here for people looking for highly effective, profoundly authentic therapy.

In his free time, Owen enjoys time with his family and 2 dogs, great food, yoga, mediation, ornamental gardening, hiking and biking and jam bands. He has a wife and two daughters, pictured with him above.