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Triangle Body Therapy is a regional leader in complementary therapy focusing on pain relief. We are a reputable, established, professional practice with a noticeable interest in maintaining an aesthetically pleasing therapeutic environment that is classy, calm and comfortable. We are seeking a therapist to complement this vibe with his or her own fun-loving, personable, and talented qualities. 

About TBT: 

I founded Triangle Body Therapy (TBT) in 1999 and am proud and humbled by the success I've had. There is a great mix of loyal, longterm clients and rapidly expanding new interest in my services, as well as increasing numbers of clients traveling considerable distances from across the state and beyond to work with me. Clearly the word has gotten out!

The short back story is that I received my Massage Therapy Certificate from Body therapy Institute in 1999. I started off primarily practicing deep tissue massage and continued seeking additional training to better serve my clients. I followed my intuition that the missing link for increasing successful outcomes was in fascial-based therapy. After considering my most visible options to this end in Rolfing and Structural Integration, I opted instead for starting down the incredibly rewarding path of on-going Myofascial Release training with John Barnes, PT in 2003. I spent 5 years slowly transitioning my practice from massage to Myofascial Release, and in 2009, just before the Great Recession, I formally announced to my clients that I’d no longer be offering massage therapy services. The Great Recession made that decision a bit of a nail biter, but it paid off in dividends, and I’ve never looked back. My practice changed dramatically and for the better, leading to the consistent, and at times overwhelming growth I enjoy today.

Today my practice is overflowing, and I am so, so grateful to finally be in the position of needing to fill at least one additional part-time schedule. 

Someone you won’t see on the website, but who is very involved behind-the-scenes, is my wife, Emily. You can learn more about her and her own health-oriented business here. She’s been an integral part of envisioning and helping develop TBT’s success. Her role in the company is likely to grow in the future.

If You Would Enjoy...

  • serving  an educated, savvy clientele who is seeking innovative, effective solutions to pain relief and well-being
  • working up to 20 sessions/week, primarily evenings and weekends at first, but open to transitioning to day-time hours in the future
  • being essentially a sole-practitioner but without the administration costs and headaches of owning the business
  • having a pivotal role in the future expansion and leadership of the business
  • earning unusually generous, independent contractor compensation

This could be the position for you! 

So, to get more of a sense of what TBT is about? Watch my short video below. 


This could be the perfect position for YOU! 

For nearly 20 years, I’ve been the only therapist in this cash-based practice. Over the past few years, interest in my services has snow-balled. I’ve been consistently booked up to two months out. I would love to share this opportunity with an enthusiastic, John Barnes, PT trained therapist. 

At Triangle Body Therapy, we will be strengthening and growing our commitment to making this the premier, complementary pain relief clinic in the region. We are seeking a partner who will have a huge role in the growth and success of the practice. 

Sound exciting so far? If not, no need to read further. If so, let me tell you more about who we’re looking for. 

Clinically, we are looking for someone with good assessment skills and an ability to articulate them and use them to develop a treatment plan. Confidence in your abilities, “good hands” and a warm, empathetic, fun-loving personality are a must! I’m looking for someone, like me, who has always been told they have “great hands”. 

But there’s something even more important than your hands-on skills: your personality and interpersonal skills. In my experience, if a client doesn’t feel like they know, like, and trust you, it almost doesn’t matter how good you are with your hands. 

Your schedule will begin with primarily evening and weekends. The majority of TBT’s clients schedule their sessions online. Your role will primarily be to show up on time, run timely sessions, provide high-value work, and educate your clients about on how to continue their progress at home, and brief documentation via SOAP notes. That’s it.

This position will be perfect for someone who has great hands-on skills and demonstrates a happy, high-vibrational, positive outlook on life.  As a professional advocate for people’s health, it is imperative that you be health-conscious yourself.  Additionally, I’m looking for someone who is naturally committed to maintaining  an active lifestyle and who is regularly on the receiving end of professional bodywork therapies. 

10 Traits of a Successful Candidate:

  1. A warm, laid-back, joyful demeanor and an easy ability to develop rapport with clients
  2. Core characteristics of integrity and honesty 
  3. Excellent communication skills 
  4. Natural empathy and compassion for those in pain
  5. Willingness to learn and implement feedback 
  6. Strong attention to detail 
  7. A growth mindset
  8. A self-starter 
  9. Fantastic hands-on, manual therapy skills 
  10. Completed at least 3 seminars in Myofascial Release, preferably with John Barnes himself, and excited for more

If this describes YOU, we would LOVE to hear from you! 

How to Apply...

So glad you’re still reading! If all of this sounds like a good fit, please send an email to owen@trianglebodytherapy.com and...

  1. Write in the Subject Line: "TBT is for me!"
  2. In the email body, please write a few sentences telling us why you think you’re a good fit for TBT.  
  3. Briefly describe what makes you feel happy and free.

Thank you so much for your interest in this position! 

I hope to talk with you soon,